British envoy apologizes to Iranian government, nation

Tehran (IP): Apologizing to the Iranian government and nation, the British ambassador to Tehran explained about the publication of his photo with the Russian ambassador.

Iran PressIran news: On Thursday, the British Ambassador to Tehran, Simon Shercliffe, expressed his regret over the misunderstanding regarding the publication of the photo, noting: "While respecting the Islamic Republic of Iran, its nation and history, I emphasize that there was no malice behind this issue."

He added: "The ambassadors were only trying to remind the Russian-British alliance against Nazi during World War II."

The British ambassador to Tehran expressed hope that he would develop relations between the two countries during his mission in Tehran.

The publication of a photo of the meeting between the British and Russian ambassadors at the Russian embassy in Tehran, which some cyberspace users considered to be a visual reminder of the meeting between US, Soviet, and British leaders during World War II, provoked serious reactions from the Islamic Republic of Iran's officials.


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