Tehran (IP) - In separate tweets on Wednesday night, Iran's foreign minister and Iranian parliament speaker strongly criticized the Russian and British ambassadors' joint measure in Tehran in publishing an insulting photo.

Iran PressIran news: Mohammad Javad Zarif said:" I saw an extremely inappropriate picture today. Need I remind all that Aug. 2021 is neither Aug. 1941 nor Dec. 1943."

"The Iranian people have shown—including during the JCPOA talks—that their destiny can NEVER be subject to decisions in foreign embassies or by foreign powers," highlighted Zarif.

The Iranian foreign minister refers to a photo taken by the ambassadors of London and Moscow at the Russian embassy in Tehran on Wednesday.

This photo is reminiscent of an old photo taken in 1943 by British, American, and Soviet leaders.

Iran's Parliament Speaker criticizes insulting photo

The move was also criticized by Iran's Speaker of the Parliament, Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf, who called it: "The measure far from diplomatic etiquette by British and Russian ambassadors to Tehran."

Ghalibaf went on to highlight: "It should be followed up on by Iran's Ministry of Foreign Affairs in no time."

"Both ambassadors must immediately formally apologize for the action taken, otherwise a decisive diplomatic response will be necessary," concluded Ghalibaf.


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