Iran, Pakistan examine ways to expand pharmaceutical cooperation

Tehran (IP) - Iran and Pakistan held a webinar on Thursday, reviewing the cooperation between the two countries in the pharmaceutical industry field.

Iran PressIran news: In the webinar, Commercial and Investment Adviser of the Embassy of Pakistan in Tehran Massoud Ahmad said the reasonable price of energy and transportation costs in Iran was a good opportunity to design joint ventures in pharmaceutical field; that is to say pharmaceutical products.

Also, Chairman of Pakistan-Iran Trade Council Najm ul-Din Hassan Jawa expressed hope that through creating joint production units, it was possible to meet the Iran-Pakistan pharmaceutical needs and even export joint products to other countries of the world.

Iran's Counsellor General in Karachi Hassan Nourian said Iran and Pakistan need more serious measures to improve the two countries' economic relations. 

Nourian pointed to the use of the Islamabad-Tehran-Istanbul corridor, opening new borders between Iran and Pakistan, air freight service facilities through Iran, and the use of Iran-Pakistan joint investment company as ways to increase the two countries' trade cooperation.  

Business activists and investors participating in the webinar said that the most important challenge in developing trade relations between Iran and Pakistan was the lack of banking channels which led to financial and monetary transfer problems.

The virtual meeting was attended by the officials and members of the Tehran Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture, and the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce.


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