Tehran (IP): Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman strongly condemned the British foreign secretary's baseless allegations against Iran while the US Secretary of State had earlier repeated the allegations.

Iran Press/Iran news: The Zionist official's false claims against Iran about an attack on the regime's ship on international waters of Oman, the US Secretary of State, and the UK supported the claim without providing any evidence.

 Saeed Khatibzadeh said: "These coordinated statements contain contradictory allegations so that the US and UK first accuse the Islamic Republic of Iran without providing any documents and then speak of its possibility."

Khatibzadeh called the Islamic Republic of Iran a defender and supporter of safe shipping in the Persian Gulf and international waters, adding: "Iran is always prepared to cooperate in providing the countries of the region with maritime security."

He also said that Iran considered the interventions of trans-regional forces in the Persian Gulf waters and its neighboring countries detrimental to the stability and security of the region.

"It is unfortunate that while these countries have remained silent in the face of terrorist attacks and sabotage of Iranian merchant ships in the Red Sea and international waters, they make false accusations against Iran," Khatibzadeh noted.

"If these countries have a clue to prove their false claims, they must present it," the Foreign Ministry spokesman highlighted.


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