Iran, Cuba to continue cooperation in production of corona vaccine

Tehran (IP) - The Head of the Pasteur Institute of Iran and the President of Finlay Institute of Cuba said that cooperation between the two countries in the production of the corona vaccine would continue.

Iran PressIran news: In a press conference today (Tuesday), Alireza Biglari, the Head of the Pasteur Institute of Iran, and Vicente Vérez Bencomo, President of the Cuban Finlay Institute explained about the production of a joint corona vaccine.

"In phase 3 clinical trial, the efficacy of the vaccine was reported to be 91.2%, and this vaccine was 75% effective in preventing the transmission and infection of the COVID-19," said Vicente Vérez Bencomo.

The head of the Cuban Finlay Institute added: "The joint vaccination tests between Iran and Cuba will be completed by the end of the summer."


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