57 presumed dead as migrant boat capsizes off Libya, says UN

The deadliest shipwreck so far this year took place April 22 off Libya, when 130 people drowned despite the ship sending multiple distress calls.

Iran PressAfrica: At least 57 people drowned on Monday after a boat capsized off the Libyan coast near Khums, the latest tragedy in the Mediterranean where more than 1,100 have perished this year, the UN's International Organization for Migration (IOM) said.

"The vessel left the western coastal town of Khums on Sunday," Safa Msehli, a spokesperson for the International Organization for Migration said.

"There were at least 75 migrants on board, including women and children. Among the 57 presumed drowned were 20 women and two children," Msehli said.

"Eighteen of the migrants were rescued and returned to shore by fishermen and Libya's coast guard," Msehli said.

"The survivors, who are from Nigeria, Ghana, and the Gambia, reported the vessel had stopped due to an engine problem, then capsized amid bad weather," Msehli said.


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