Pres. Rouhani:

Tehran (IP) - Iran's President has said that the development of free zones can put the country on the path of constructive interaction with neighboring countries and the world.

Iran PressIran news: Hassan Rouhani on Monday in the ceremony of exploiting national environmental projects and free economic zones, congratulating the birth anniversary of Imam Hadi (AS) and Eid Ghadir, said: "In the last eight years, the free zones have been very active and have completely corrected the path."

The President added: "Since the beginning of the administration, we have been trying to turn the free zones so that they would change from importers and suppliers of goods to travelers, into production, export and domestic and foreign investment centers, which was done in the free zones."

Referring to the fact that today there are 15 free zones in the country, Iran's President added that the recently approved free zones should be activated in the near future, stressing: "Free zones can put the country on a path of constructive interaction with neighboring countries and countries around the world."

Rouhani also said that the 11th and 12th administrations can rightly be called the administrations of health and environment, adding that the treatment and development of insurance are also related to the environment of the people.

"We acted in different areas for health, with some parts part related to the environment, another related to healthcare and the part related to the development of insurance, especially health insurance, with which we sought the health of society and people," Rouhani added.


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