Tehran(IP) - Iran's President called the inauguration of the national projects all across Iran as the kick in US teeth.

Iran Press/Iran news: Hassan Rouhani's s remarks came as he was inaugurating the first phase of the Masjed Soleyman Petrochemical Industries Complex (MIS) via video conferencing on Thursday.

Speaking on the sideline of the inauguration ceremony of 1st Phase of Masjed Soleyman Petrochemical Industries Complex the President said: "As we promised, since the beginning of 1399 (corresponding to 2020), we have inaugurated 17 petrochemical projects, which is unique in the history of the country's petrochemical industry in all these projects and projects in the petrochemical industry  had been  inaugurated in one year."

Hassan Rouhani said: "Yesterday, May 19th marked the anniversary of the last presidential election and the election of the government was in the presence of the people at the ballot box.

The President continued: "No one knew how much burden this government would bear." We entered the biggest economic war in 4 years and no one thought we would enter a pandemic (global coronavirus outbreak) that was unprecedented during the century."

He added: "Therefore, in the most difficult conditions of the past year, the government, of course, led by the Leader and with the support of the people, the presence and as well as their patience, It proved to the United States that the Iranian nation continues on its path like a tall cedar and  sanctions cannot hinder development and progress."

Saying that Iran had inaugurated 17 petrochemical plans in the past year, Rouhani said: "If someone has not seen these opening plans and we tell him, he will say that you really completed 17 petrochemical projects amid sanctions and coronavirus?"

The president added that the government was able to realize a "surge in production" slogan in petrochemicals fields.

He also went on to say that Iran has almost doubled the capacity of the petrochemical industry since the beginning of the 11th government from 1392 ( 2013) until today, and that production will increase from 50 million tons to 100 million tons by the end of this year and that the government will be able to double the petrochemical capacity in eight years.


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