Flood-stricken Zhengzhou capital of Henan/ Photo by AP

At least 25 people have been killed in China’s flood-stricken central province of Henan, most of them in a subway line in its capital Zhengzhou, and more rains are anticipated for the area.

Iran PressAsia: About 100,000 people have been evacuated in Zhengzhou, an industrial and transport hub, where rail and road links were disrupted. Dams and reservoirs have swelled to warning levels, and thousands of troops are taking part in the rescue effort in the province.
Twelve people died, and more than 500 were pulled to safety after a subway tunnel flooded, state media reported. 
Social media images showed train commuters immersed in chest-deep waters in the dark and one station reduced to a large brown pool.
“The water reached my chest,” a survivor wrote on social media. “I was really scared, but the most terrifying thing was not the water, but the diminishing air supply in the carriage.”

From Saturday to Tuesday, 617.1mm of rain fell in Zhengzhou, almost the equivalent of its annual average of 640.8mm. The three days of rain matched a level seen only once in a thousand years, the Zhengzhou weather bureau said.    
"Like recent heatwaves in the United States and Canada and extreme flooding seen in western Europe, the rainfall in China was almost certainly linked to global warming," scientists said.


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