Kandahar (IP) - Due to the presence of the Taliban in Kandahar, Afghan refugees gather at the Spin Boldak border in Afghanistan's Kandahar province to enter Pakistan.

Iran PressAsia: The Taliban have claimed that they have cut off the main highway between the Afghan border with Pakistan and the city of Kandahar in another attempt to seize control of strategic road links with the country’s neighbors.

The Taliban also claims that Kandahar is under siege and considers the city the group’s spiritual home.

On Friday, the Afghan Ministry of Defense said that 27 Taliban militants were killed and five others wounded in an airstrike in Spin Boldak district.

It said the total number of dead in military operations across Afghanistan was 191 people over the course of 24 hours.

In recent weeks, the civil war in Afghanistan has intensified with Taliban attacks on government-controlled regions, making the situation in Afghanistan worse.

Various parts of Afghanistan have been the scene of intense clashes between Taliban elements and government forces in recent weeks.


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