Tehran (IP) - The Wushu Warriors Fight (WWF) competition started with the title of 'Wushu Warriors Cup' in the 'Pol-e-Tabiat' tourist area of Tehran.

Iran PressIran news: In these competitions, the top 32 Iranian wushu practitioners in the weights of 60, 70, 80, and 90 kg will compete for 2 days.

The winners of these competitions will be invited to the camp of the Iranian national wushu team.

These competitions are held in full compliance with health protocols.

Amir Sedighi, President of the Wushu Federation of Iran, on the sidelines of the WWF 'Wushu Warriors Cup', said in an exclusive interview with Iran Press: "These competitions will be held in three stages and 32 wushu players have been invited by the technical committee of Iran's national wushu teams."

The President of the Wushu Federation of Iran added: "The champion and runner-up of this competition will play in the final stage of the Wushu Warriors Cup at the end of this year."

Sedighi said: "Although the coronavirus restrictions have reduced the number of wushu competitions, such competitions can help prepare Iranian wushu players."

Also, Majid Khobiar, an international wushu expert and referee from Iran, said in an exclusive interview with Iran Press News Agency: "Holding the Wushu Warriors Cup is a worthy thing that can lead to the development of wushu in Iran."

Wushu Fighting Competition finalists determined

The finalists of the Wushu Fighting Competition (WWF) have been determined.

According to the public relations of the Wushu Federation, the preliminary and semi-final stage of the Wushu Fighters (WWF) competition, which started yesterday (Monday) on the Nature Bridge in Tehran, has ended and the finalists of different weights being determined.

The names of the finalists are as follows:

Weight 60 kg: Mahdi Akbari and Issa Arsiuon

Weight 70 kg: Hamidreza Sahandi and Foroud Zafari

Weight 80 kg: Ali Khorshidi and Mohammad Garshasbi

Weight 90 kg: Amir Fazli and Sajjad Pourjahani

The WWF finals will be held tonight (Tesuday night) at 8pm on the Nature Bridge to determine the winners. 


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