Throw a bash with Iranian Kermani ghatogh

Kermani meat ghatogh is the main course as a thing to eat. Ghatoghs are one of the oldest foods in the Kermani variety of foods. It also is a Persian Cuisine that you can eat on a vegan diet.

Iran PressIran news: In addition to being tasty, it is easy to make and can be eaten with soaked bread in it.

It is simple but full of protein and vitamins that can help you to keep your stamina the rest of the day.


Minced meat, potatoes, rice, tomato paste, greens (tarragon and fenugreek), onions, oil, and spices.

How to make it:

First, pour the oil into the pot and chop a medium onion finely and fry it in oil, when it turns golden, add the turmeric and tomato paste and fry it,  add water to onion, tarragon, and tomato paste, but not much. Then slice potatoes to the size of one and a half centimeters, at the end add meatballs, simmer it gently for about half an hour. Serve it with bread.

Although some other kinds of Kermani ghatogh with vegetables are not as common as before, the Kermani ghatogh with meat still has its place among the families living in Kerman province, southeast of Iran.


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