The crude oil in the Goreh-Jask pipeline has almost reached the Jask terminal and the first shipment of crude oil is to be loaded by the end of the week, the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) said on Monday.

Iran Press/Iran news: A senior official with the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) Reza Dehghan, in an interview with the IRIB, said that the oil in the 1000-km pipeline has passed 980 kilometers from Goreh to Jask will reach its destination by the end of the current week. This will be the first oil shipment to the newly-built Jask Terminal.

He added: "The national plan for the transfer of crude oil from Goreh to Jask is now more than 80% complete and it now has a capacity of 300,000 barrels per day, which will gradually increase to a million barrels with the completion of pumps and pumping stations."

Dehghan, who is the NIOC deputy CEO for Development and Engineering Affairs, added: "The progress of the project in the last two years has been extraordinary and more than 70% of the progress was made during this period."

Touting the project as one of the successful projects of the Iranian Ministry of Petroleum and the NIOC, he added: "This project has significant performance in terms of quality, implementation, implementation time and cost management; the project has a budget of $2 billion, but is being completed at a lower rate; 100% of its design, engineering, and execution are also Iranian and a total of 91% of domestic construction has been achieved in this national project, which is a good record."

He added: "This national plan will create good prosperity in Jask and Makran regions. Petrochemical and refinery construction is also planned in the area, and the Ministry of Roads is scheduled to build a commercial jetty in the area."