Tehran (IP) - Iran’s Vice President for Science and Technology said that in the last few years, something big has happened in the country, such as the technology ecosystem or the innovation ecosystem.

Iran PressIran news: Noting that Iran has achieved very successful models in the commercialization and technology discussions, Sorena Sattari added that the innovation and technology ecosystem begins with universities, centers for promoting new ideas and science and technology parks.

Sattari highlighted: "To solve people's problems in society, we need a product that is the result of private sector's investment which is, a sector that has always been neglected."

He noted: "Unless the private sector invests in research, the product will be realized."

The Vice President for Science and Technology of Iran stressed that all the efforts of this ecosystem are to invest private sector's money in the research; therefore, the result of these researches was to produce more than 7,000 knowledge-based and creative companies specifically for the field of humanities.

Sattari noted: "Since last year, we have started discussing creative houses and more than 30 creative houses are being set up, and these houses are considered as the space for young people, especially humanities graduates will be able to produce a product and make it available to everyone.


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