Dey 9 missile system, IRGC achievement in short-range air defense

Tehran (IP) - Due to the growing importance of air defense systems in today's battles, Iran's defense industry and the Revolution Guards Aerospace Force have paid special attention to this issue.

Iran PressIran news: The Dey 9 missile system is one of the recent achievements of this force in this field, unveiled on May 21, 2021, with a range of 20 to 30 km and a target height of 10 km.


Dey 9 defense system includes new and advanced missiles with radar and launcher vehicle of the 3rd Khordad system and is designed to destroy all types of conventional targets and cruise missiles and bombs dropped from the aircraft.

Dey 9 missiles, like TAER and SAYYAD, have the ability to link to the infrared search and track (IRST) system of the 3rd Khordad, which allows them to be protected from enemy operations in electronic warfare or passive activity.

Dey 9 system plays an important role in meeting the country's air defense needs both in operation against enemy invasion, defense of vital facilities, even strategic missile systems, and deployment radars.

Images released by the IRGC Aerospace Force show that the missiles of the system have reached the stage of mass production and will soon be used in the country. The system is also likely to be used on naval vessels, as the main function of the 9 Dey is to destroy anti-ship cruise missiles.

The Dey 9 defense system consists of the installation of two sets of 4 Dey 9 missiles on the launcher of the Khordad 3rd system, and each battalion of the Dey 9 system, which consists of 4 firearms, has the ability to engage 32 targets simultaneously.

Features of Dey 9

On Dey 9 missiles, 'command guidance' is written, meaning that the method of guiding the missile is to receive corrective commands to travel towards the target. In other words, the Dey 9 is guided by a link to Khordad 3rd system. In this method, which is used in many surface-to-air missiles, the missile itself may not have an internal detector.

Of course, it is also possible to build models with a radar detector from the Dey 9 missile. Dey 9 missiles also have advanced laser proximity fuses to reach the best position relative to the target, explode the warhead and destroy the target. In addition to the radar on each launcher, the Dey 9 system is also equipped with a thermal imager optical detector. The system also has a powerful electro-optical detector that can be used in the event of severe electronic warfare or the need to view the target image.  

Each Dey 9 defense system appears to consist of two vehicles carrying missiles and a TELAR radar. The formation of each TELAR is fully compatible with the current radar power and fire control of the Khordad 3rd system used in the construction of the Dey 9 because each radar unit.

Khordad 3rd system can engage with 4 targets for a battery consisting of two TELARs, we reach 8 targets, and as a result, we reach 32 targets for a battalion. Regardless of the above, the use of 8 missiles on each launcher is a significant growth to improve the combat reliability of this system. Combat reliability refers to the ability to strike successively, or more simply, the number of missiles ready to launch on any launcher, which is an important capability in today's modern battles.


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Dey 9 missile system, IRGC achievement in short-range air defense
Dey 9 missile system, IRGC achievement in short-range air defense
Dey 9 missile system, IRGC achievement in short-range air defense
Dey 9 missile system, IRGC achievement in short-range air defense