Tehran (IP) – In a ceremony, a set of modern weapons and defense equipment joined the ground forces of the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC).

Iran PressIran News: The ceremony was held on Wednesday with the IRGC's Chief Commander Major General Hossein Salami in attendance and a new generation of precision-guided missiles, assault, and reconnaissance helicopters as well as long-range combat, reconnaissance, and suicide drones were handed over to the IRGC ground force. 

Anti-tank and precision-guided missile systems combined with other weapons and additional ammunition were among the state-of-art defense equipment that would increase the operation speed and power of the ranger, combat, and armored forces and artillery units of IRGC ground force. 

Yet, one of the most important parts of the attachment was utilizing military equipment the production process of which was based on artificial intelligence technology and indigenization. 

Improved accuracy, control, fire amplification, smartness as well as increased effective range, volume, and power of fire against threats are other features that can be considered for a significant part of the attached equipment.

Also in the logistics support section, a set of multi-purpose, artillery-carrier, and combat tactical vehicles were handed over to the ground force. 

Despite the severe sanctions, another issue to shed light on was to utilize the latest knowledge and technology of military industries with the efforts made by Iran's domestic defense experts.The knowledge and technology was added to the combat department of the IRGC ground force for lunching defense and security operations in a more accurate and effective way.


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