Military presence of supra-regional powers, detrimental to regional security: Iran's rep

Tehran (IP) - Iran's envoy to the UN Indian Ocean Committee said the military presence of supra-regional powers and the desire for an arms race had disrupted regional security.

Iran Press/America: Haidar Ali Baluji, at the biennial meeting of the Ad Hoc Committee on the Indian Ocean, which was held with the participation of representatives of member countries in the UN Secretariat, said: "50 years after the adoption of the Indian Ocean Declaration as a peace zone, the importance of the region has increased, with some challenges such as the military presence of supra-regional powers and the desire for an arms race undermining regional security.

Baluji stated: "According to the provisions of this Declaration, the great powers must end their military presence in the region and not import nuclear and weapons of mass destruction to the Ocean ."

Baluji added that the Indian Ocean Declaration also calls on members to join civilian alliances instead of military ones, which will be effective for lasting security.

He stated: The Islamic Republic of Iran is ready to play and cooperate with other countries' roles to achieve the Indian Ocean Declaration goals.

In 1971, the Indian Ocean committee Declaration was adopted as a peace zone, and since 1999, the Indian Ocean Special Committee has met every two years to review security in the region.

The result of the Indian Ocean committee meeting will be reviewed and approved by the UN General Assembly; an updated resolution is scheduled to be submitted to the UN 2021 General Assembly.


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