Tehran, Moscow can strengthen economic cooperation through regions: Ambassador

Moscow (IP) - Iran's Ambassador to Moscow spoke about the prospects for building mutually beneficial economic ties between the regions of the Islamic Republic and Russia, the province of Mazandaran and the Volgograd region, on Monday.

Iran PressEurope: According to Tass, Kazem Jalali discussed the development of relations in various spheres, particularly in industry, agriculture with the governor of the region Andrei Bocharov. "It seems to me that one of the best ways for economic development is interregional cooperation. Our regions are very close, and this can contribute to the development of economic interaction," the Iranian ambassador told reporters on Monday. 

According to him, the province of Mazandaran and the Volgograd region can become two major hubs for the two states in terms of exports and imports. The Volgograd region is geographically located in a vital place and can transit its goods through Iran to the Middle East. 

Jalali stressed that, in general, constructive relations had been built between the Islamic Republic of Iran and Russia in various directions - in politics, military cooperation, security, defense, adding: "The will of our two leaders is that we must strengthen our economic cooperation."

The first steps to develop bilateral cooperation between the Volgograd region and Iran were made in 2015. Relations reached a new level thanks to the subject's participation in the permanent Russian-Iranian commission on trade and economic cooperation, the Russian-Iranian inter-parliamentary commission. 

Now there is a bilateral memorandum between the Volgograd Region and the province of Mazandaran on the implementation of international and foreign economic relations.


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