Iran's ambassador and deputy permanent representative to the United Nations described the US unilateral sanctions as an obstacle to world peace and prosperity.

Iran PressAmerica: Zahra Ershadi, at the General Assembly meeting on Wednesday, called on the United States to end its unilateral and coercive actions and to live up to its international obligations.

"US unilateral and coercive sanctions have adverse effects on promoting regional peace and are obstacles to world peace, prosperity, and an international justice system that are vital preconditions for sustainable development," She said.

The Iranian diplomat added, "For many years the General Assembly has voted in favor of resolutions calling for the lifting of US sanctions against Cuba, expressing its solidarity with the Cuban government and people, but the United States has imposed economic and trade sanctions against Cuba over the past six decades. These sanctions are contrary to international law and the obligations under the UN Charter."

Ershadi said that the Islamic Republic of Iran has experienced illegal US sanctions in the last four decades, adding that these sanctions have even targeted the import of drugs and medical equipment, and that the US has even considered unilateral measures against other countries that intended to fulfill their obligations under Security Council resolutions.

"Even as countries around the world mobilize their efforts to overcome the challenges posed by the Covid 19 epidemic, these coercive US actions have severely hampered efforts to combat the disease," She stated.

She stressed, "The international community must work to find solutions to counter such destructive and one-sided interventions, and that the Islamic Republic of Iran will continue to work with friendly countries, including Cuba, to address the challenge."