Tehran (IP) - Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei’s televised speech began with the theme of the presidential election; Leader said that country's fate depends on people’s turnout on Friday.

Iran PressIran news: Ayatollah Khamenei said: "Certainly the fate of the country at a juncture in all areas whether it is economical, security, health, etc., depends on what you people will do on Friday, God willing."

The main points of the speech of the Leader of the Revolution are as follows:

*** I congratulate the blessed '10-Day of Dignity' and the birth of Hazrat Ali ibn Musa al-Reza (AS) to all our dear nation and all those who are eager to pay tribute to the great Imam. Unfortunately, we have been deprived of this great grace for a long time.

*** We hope that God will increase his mercy to this nation, day by day, with the blessing of the prayer of this nobleman.

*** My discussion today is about elections. In less than 48 hours, a crucial event will take place in the country. It is the presidential and the city and village councils elections.

*** Certainly, the country's fate at some point in all areas, whether it is economical, security, health, etc., depends on what you people will do on Friday, God willing.

With your presence and vote, you determine the fate of the country

*** The great work of the people on Friday will be, firstly, the principle of participation and secondly, the kind of participation and choice that we hope God Almighty will guide the hearts of the Iranian nation to appear in this field in the best way.

 Everyone must participate in elections regardless of political taste

*** In one of the recent speeches, I said that the people's presence in the Islamic Republic system has a strong principle and solid intellectual reasoning. It is not just a political issue. Of course, the political benefits of the presence of the people are many. But more important than this is the principle of the philosophy of the presence of the people in the Islamic Republic. That is, the republic is one part, and Islam is one part. That is, if it is not a republic, it will not be realized.

*** This is precisely the reason why all the centers of evil power in the world are particularly opposed to elections. In all our elections over the decades, it has been the case that they have used their media and political tools to destroy the people's minds and, if they can, they will interfere in the elections to prevent them from showing the glory of their elections.

*** Of course, against their will and desire, all the elections were held on time. Of course, there has always been a smear campaign. It always existed before the election and after the election. Perhaps nowhere in the world can we find that the enemy has so attacked to its election.

*** For months now, the American and British media and the mercenaries under their banner have been striving to diminish the turnout and somehow accuse the election.

*** Well, their goal is not to hold these elections favorably for the Islamic Republic. That is, people distance themselves from the system. Because the absence of the people in the elections means distancing oneself from the system. Of course, people did not listen; of course, I am telling the grass root. We have nothing to do with a specific group. The people, God willing, will be present and will give honor to the system.

*** The truth is that some facts in the world of politics of the Islamic Republic and events that have the color and smell of politics should be looked at above political conflicts. For example, the funeral of Martyr Soleimani was a great event, and it was no longer a matter of political taste, and everyone participated. Elections are like this, and everyone should be present regardless of any taste because the social system needs this presence.

People’s turnout will diminish enemies’ pressures

*** I would like to make a few points about the importance of the presence of the people, but before that, I will refer to the verse of the Quran that says that every action of yours that the enemy is displeased with is righteous action in the presence of the Lord. You see, the enemies of religion and Iran are strongly opposed to this election. Therefore, participating in the elections is a righteous act. All those who seek righteous deeds should know that participating in elections is a righteous deed.

*** But the points that I have in mind, the most important thing is that the elections mean the presence of the people on the scene. That is, the system of the Islamic Republic has the support of the people. This has a unique effect on the authority of the country. No instrument of power is as powerful as the presence of the people. Yes, we consider the system's tools, economic and political, to be powerful, but none of them is as powerful as the presence of the people.

The enemy wants to make the country a hotbed of their mercenaries

** Those who use various sophistications in cyberspace to discourage the people from participating in the elections seek to weaken the system. Foreign enemies also seek to weaken the system and know that if the presence of the people weakens and the country weakens. They can make the country insecure and make it a hotbed of terrorists. This is if the support for the presence of the people is diminished.

*** They do not want the presence of the people to weaken the country so that they can intervene and make the country a hotbed of their mercenaries.

*** Another point is that if we reduce the presence of people, we have an increase in the pressure of the enemy. If we reduce the participation of the people, we will increase the pressure of the enemy. If we want to reduce the pressures and sanctions, the presence of the people must increase, and the popular support of the system must be shown to the enemy.

*** The president elected on Friday, if elected with a high vote, will have strong support and do great things.

*** Thank God, the country has many capabilities. There are many opportunities. Taking advantage of these opportunities requires active, hardworking, and powerful people. The president gains this power from popular support.

*** If the presence of the people has a favorable quorum and the president is elected with a high vote, it will cause him to use his capacities correctly.

Iran's elections have always been healthy

*** The next point is the issue of the health of the election. Fortunately, our elections have always been healthy. Some who have some reservations about the election may have seen some flaws, but overall, the election was healthy. Evidence of this is that presidents have come to power with different tastes. This shows that elections have always been healthy, not according to a particular political taste. So the elections are healthy and what is said to be competitive is also, thank God, competitive.

*** I saw the debates, but of course, we will talk about the debates later. But it turned out that there is competition. This is one of the indisputable facts of our elections. Of course, from the beginning of the revolution, when the referendum of the Islamic Republic was held, the enemies questioned the votes of the people. Well, the enemy is not expected to admit that our election was correct.

*** Interestingly, some countries are ruled like tribes in the middle of the 21st century. The smell of elections has not reached these countries at all, and their people do not know what a ballot box is and do not know the difference between a ballot box and a fruit box. Still, the media are resorting to smear campaigns against Iranian elections.

Next government must put people's grievances at the top of the agenda

*** Another noteworthy point is that some of those who are skeptical about participating in the elections are hesitant or discouraged; these are the deprived and weak sections of society. I know this. They have reasonable expectations and complain that their expectations have not been met; the issue of housing, livelihood, etc., that the officials should have addressed these issues, so they have no eagerness to go to the polls. Their grievances are valid, but their decisions are not valid. The next government must put these groups at the top of its agenda. But not going to the polls and getting angry with the ballot box does not solve the problem.

*** Another point about the youth. I believe very much in young people, and they are the forerunners in all matters. It should be the same in elections. My expectation from the youth is to encourage the people as much as they can. Especially those who vote for the first time in the elections, which are numerous in each period. Their presence in the elections is like a celebration of political duty.

Despair has absolutely no meaning.

*** The last thing I want to say is that some with their wrong analysis are injecting despair and hopelessness into people. The enemy is not expected not to make people hopeless, but inside, some people with weak analysis say things that want to disappoint the people. I say this doesn't seem right. Despair has absolutely no meaning.

*** Our people and our country are strong. I explained in the 'Second Step' statement; we are a strong and powerful nation, and these capabilities are not hidden from the eyes of the enemies. Wherever our nation worked, it did great things, including the victory of the revolution, the imposed war, and the latest case of the corona vaccine.


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