President Rouhani:

Tehran (IP) - Iran's president said that the Iranian nation suffered a lot during the three and a half years of the imposed economic war but could stand against the enemy.

Iran PressIran news: Speaking in the cabinet meeting on Wednesday, Hassan Rouhani stated: "During the three and a half years of economic war and sanctions against Iran, in many cases, we turned the threat into an opportunity or eliminated it."

The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran said that in these three and a half years, we could not use oil for the budget, and last year the share of the budget from oil was 12,000 billion tomans or 2.5 percent, and in these circumstances, we designed a budget without oil.

Instead of compensating for oil in the budget, we sold government shares six times as much as last year, and that was a huge undertaking, Rouhani added.

Stressing that the government and the nation worked together, the Iranian president said: "The nation suffered a lot but was able to resist the enemy."

Rouhani also highlighted the importance of public participation in the upcoming elections, saying: "These days, the most important issue we face is the day of the election which is Friday; the elections have always been crucial to us."

He stressed that democracy is one of the achievements of the Islamic Revolution, and we must all respect it.


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