Tehran (IP): Iran's president stressed that sanctions and economic warfare should be recognized as a silent crime against humanity.

Iran PressIran news: Speaking at the meeting of the government's economic coordination board on Tuesday, President Hassan Rouhani said: "It is necessary to publish a document showing the crime of imposing economic war and comprehensive and unprecedented sanctions so that the whole world is aware of the Trump administration's inhumane crimes against the Iranian people."

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Referring to the effects of the economic war and its impact on the country's economic development and the livelihood of the people, President Rouhani added: "Crime against humanity is usually seen by the public as a war and military conflict, while sanctions and economic war should be considered and recognized as a silent crime against humanity."

He also said: "As a victim of this inhumane act, Iran will present the document of crimes of those who imposed sanctions."

Rouhani noted: "Apart from the document of former US President Donald Trump, which hindered the development of a country and harmed the livelihood of the people and even their health and treatment, the document of resistance and management to deal with the economic war must also be presented to the world."


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