Tehran (IP) - A candidate of Iran's 13th presidential election stressed the need to implement the tax system and noted that it should come clear that who evaded paying taxes in the country.

Iran PressIran news: In response to a question of Iran Press on the country's budget structure, Abdul Nasser Hemmati noted on Tuesday that the country’s transactions must be made transparent and tax evaders should be identified.

Hemmati said that due to bribery and some influential people in the society, transactions were not transparent and many people do not pay taxes.

Emphasizing that smuggling of goods should be prevented as well, he explained that 30% of the country's foreign exchange exports have not been returned to Iran. 

He pointed out that the budget structure could be reformed, and promised to reform the budget structure within 2 years if he was elected as the next president. 

Hemmati also pointed to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) and told reporters that he would implement the agreement. 

Expressing hope that the United States would return to the JCPOA and verify it, he said Iran needed to interact with the world and the JCPOA would be a priority in his plans.

"So far the United States has not been able to win the trust of Iran; we must wait to see the performance of the United States in the future," the candidate said.


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