Miami police in the US state of Florida reported a shooting on Saturday which left 7 people injured.

Iran PressAmerica: Miami police said at least seven people were injured in the shooting.

Information on the identity of the assailant or assailants, as well as their motives and details of the shooting, has not yet been released.

The United States is facing a wave of violence, hostage-taking and armed attacks.

Thousands are killed or injured each year in shootings across the United States.

According to official reports, there are approximately 270 to 300 million firearms in the United States; this means that there is almost one rifle per person in this country.

Free arms shipments in the United States on a daily basis lead to shooting-related violence across the country, many of which is deadly, but the arms lobby in the United States is so powerful that Congress has so far refused to take any action to curb arms shipments.

Although the United States accounts for about five percent of the world's population, it accounts for nearly 31 percent of those who commit armed genocide. 219