Tehran (IP) - Iranian President called Tourism the source of prosperity and wealth in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Iran PressIran news: Speaking on the sidelines of the inauguration of the national projects including 526 cultural heritage and tourism projects in Iran, Rouhani called the economy based on the tourism industry as the source of prosperity and growth and development for the Islamic Republic of Iran.

526 cultural heritage and tourism projects in Iran with an investment value of 2537 billion Tomans will be inaugurated on Thursday via Video conferencing by the President.

Iran's President in his speech also expressed hope that by the end of the current year through public vaccination the tourism will prosper.

The President said: "We hope that next year, with the public vaccination that will be carried out and the full observance of health protocols, we will see new conditions in Iran, and the tourism industry will prosper.

Rouhani on in the 69th week of the inauguration of important national projects, which was held via video conferencing, added: "When the number of hotel and accommodation beds across the country increases from 219,000 to 465,000, it means that we are seeing a boom in domestic and foreign tourism."

"In the first six months of 1400 (Current Year corresponding to 2021), we also face problems, but at the same time I promise that the tourism situation will improve in the last months of this year when vaccinations will be carried out across the country," he said, referring to coronavirus related difficulties which had affected tourism.

Rouhani thanked the officials of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts and private sector investors in these areas and emphasized: "We hope that Nowruz will flourish next year with the Public vaccination and in full compliance with the health protocols that are observed and we will see new conditions in the country."


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