Tehran (IP)- Director-general of Iran's Customs Administration announced a 48 percent increase in non-oil exports last month.

Iran Press/Iran news: Director-General of Iran's Customs Administration, Mehdi Mirashrafi, said on Wednesday: "Last month, 22 million and 200,000 tons of export and import goods worth of 12 billion and 800 million dollars were exchanged between the Islamic Republic of Iran and other countries, which compared to that of the same period last year, in terms of weight and value, they grew by 6.6% and 38%, respectively."

The director-general of Iran's Customs Administration added: "Iran's exports mainly included gasoline, polyethylene, methanol, iron and steel ingots as well as steel industries."

Mirashrafi said: "This volume of exported goods shows a 17% increase in weight and 48% in value compared to that of the same period last year."

Regarding the volume of goods transit, the director-general of Iran's Customs Administration also said: "During this period, 1,841,000 tons of goods have been transited through the territory of Iran, which shows a 142% growth compared to that of the same period last Iranian year (starting on March 21, 2020)."


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