Baghdad (IP)- The top US commander for the Middle East says finding better ways to counter attacks on the U.S. forces is a top priority, and the United States is still behind the curve on solutions.

Iran PressMiddle East: Marine General Frank McKenzie told reporters traveling with him to Iraq that the use of small drones by the militia is only going to grow in the next few years, reported. 

He spent the day in Iraq on Thursday, but for security reasons, media accompanying him were not allowed to report on his visit until after he left the region.

The drones, which are cheap and easy to buy, are often difficult to detect and problematic to defeat. McKenzie stated the U.S. must find more ways to counter their use by America’s enemies in the Middle East and elsewhere.

“We’re working very hard to find technical fixes that would allow us to be more effective against drones,” McKenzie said.

He said: "Efforts are underway to look for ways to cut command and control links between a drone and its operator, improve radar sensors to quickly identify the threat as it approaches and find effective electronic and kinetic ways to bring them down."

He added that fencing and high netting could also be used as protective measures.

“We’re open to all kinds of things,” he said, adding: “The Army is working it very hard. Still, I don’t think we’re where we want to be.”


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