The US has decided to send home the only Navy aircraft carrier operating in the Middle East, a move that would reduce the US military presence in the region

Iran PressAmerica: The Pentagon announced on Thursday that the USS Nimitz aircraft carrier would return from the Persian Gulf to Bremerton, Washington.

Acting US Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller has ordered the USS Nimitz to leave the Persian Gulf and return to the United States.

The Nimitz has been patrolling the area since late November.

Nimitz had recently been called to the coast of Africa to support American troop movements in and out of Somalia. The ship had been called back to the Persian Gulf region in December to support troop withdrawals in the Middle East with its fleet of more than 60 aircraft. 

US officials told Reuters that the departure of the USS Nimitz aircraft carrier from the Persian Gulf region was aimed at easing tensions in the region. 219