Commentary (IP) - The violence in Palestine is increasing with the passage of time. The frequent human rights abuse and ethnic cleansing demand the immediate attention of the highest offices and organizations.

Iran PressMiddle East: Humanity starts where prejudice, caprice, discrimination, and malice on the basis of religion, caste creed, nation, and sex ends.

Necessarily, one does not need to be a Muslim or Arab to express sympathy and solidarity with the suppressed and oppressed, and depressed nation of the world: Palestine. Yes, Palestine, where the inhumane, unjust, brutal, lethal, and ruthless treatment is the order of the day, where the hapless, helpless, and hopeless nation succumbs to death.

The endeavor to subside Palestinians was crystal clear from a very early age. This particular holy piece of land has seen anything, but peace. Alas, this so very holy piece of land is a subject of dispute, unending wars, and crusades among Muslim jihadis, Christian crusaders, and Zionist swashbucklers throughout its history.

Not only has Israel cautiously, vehemently, and ferociously made their occupation plan publicized, but also has made successful and semi-successful solid-iron attempts to re-populate it as a Jewish state i.e., paying, bribing, and hoodwinking the surrounding families a hefty sum in exchange for their properties.

Israelis has made momentous changes to the area

The unending determination and unfathomable interest in Jerusalem are not only because of its strategic location but also due to its remarkable and historical symbolic importance. Over the years the Israeli has made momentous changes to the area.

The Israeli settlers took homes from the native Hannoun and Al Ghawi families, as well as, the Kurds were forced to give up claim to half of their houses. Not to mention, the dispossession, demolition, and Wipeout of Palestinians from their homes in areas of Jerusalem such as Silwan.

For the silly and discriminate reason of not having a so-called license to build; never mind, the hectic, lengthy, doltish, and cumbersome process and mumbo-jumbo of getting licensed. While on the other hand, the colonial settlers are facilitated by every possible means and unmatchable courtesy.
Recently, the Israeli court issued a highly controversial order, according to which the immediate displacement of 28 families in Sheikh Jarrah was ordered.

Surprisingly, this brutal, obnoxious, and highly controversial order barely got any attention in the global arena. Thanks to social media and its far-reaching audience that a serious social campaign was initiated under the hashtag #savesheikhjarrah which soon became a popular slogan.

The silly masses expected the intervention or at least vocal support of the so-called defenders of human rights and democratic bigwigs to force the court to take its non-human orders back. alas, but all in vain. This clearly resonates and reflects the Zionist ambitions and determination of ethnic cleansing of Muslims and the recreation of Jerusalem as a pure Jewish capital. 

Every day, the not-so hopeless masses of Palestine, Jerusalem, and Sheikh Jarrah along with their family’s record their peaceful protests against this “attempted erasure “ by the Zionist regime. Sadly, and unfortunately, the favor is generally returned in the most inhumane way, in the form of gradually increasing retaliation and use of force.

Different modes and methods are used to disperse the assemblies such as by using tear gases, rubber bullets, beatings, and mass arrest. A glimpse of this was witnessed in the recent case of the Al Aqsa mosque. 
A slight provocation or attempt by the innocuous protesters is sufficient to bring the wraith of Israel's military and cruel police forces. The Zionist regime has gone as far as, to have allowed the settlers to carry weapons lawfully. Unfortunately, the lack of a proper and just solution to the problem is further boiling the already simmering waters.

Though the Israeli court tried to persuade the masses by offering a non-violent solution to the issue. However, the community strongly discouraged and rejected the resolution for being inhumane, unjust, and unacceptable.

The so-called solution offered by the court was that, they can keep the houses on the condition that they should formally recognize the houses for settlers .moreover, they will have to pay rent and they have to choose a part of the family and upon the death of the family member, the settlers can move in. Such a solution is by no means acceptable to the community. And as a result, got rejected.

Solid unity among all the Cadres and groups of Palestine

One thing that is particularly impressive about the recent protests is the presence of solid unity among all the Cadres and groups of Palestine. Though there are several disagreements and a lack of consensus among the social groups, yet all of them stand firm and shoulder by shoulder with each other. The vocal and moral support of the diaspora and the Muslim community across the world is also encouraging. 
The violence in Palestine is increasing with the passage of time. The frequent human rights abuse and ethnic cleansing demand the immediate attention of the highest offices and organizations. The world community, for the love of humanity, if not for anything else should come forward to stop this massacre, human rights abuses, and brutalities. 


By M Hamza Zakir


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