Tehran (IP) - A volunteer for the Presidential election Ebrahim Raisi says that if he becomes president, his foreign policy agenda will be engaging with all countries, especially Iran's neighbors, and improving the people's livelihoods.

Iran PressIran news: In response to Iran Press, the presidential volunteer stated three principles; Friendly, dignified, and authoritative would be the characteristics of his foreign policy in dealing with countries.

Raisi also said that with a strong government, the frustrations in the country will disappear and with the current facilities, the people's worries and sufferings can be reduced and despair can be turned into hope.

Raisi added: "What we are pursuing is the issue of a change that is an inevitable necessity in all the executive issues of the country."

"I consider myself against corruption, inefficiency, and aristocracy, not a competitor against different political factions and groups," he said.

He emphasized: "With the help of everyone and by creating change in various executive departments, we will have a strong Iran."


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