Tehran (IP): The spokesman of the National Security and Foreign Policy Commission of the parliament detailed the extraordinary and 3-hour meeting of the Commission with Foreign minister Zarif about the leaked audio file.

Iran PressIran news: "12 parliament members expressed their points of views about the Zarif's audio leaked file," the spokesman Abolfazl Amoui said.

He added: "Criticism of creating a dichotomy between the Field and Diplomacy between public opinion and contrary to national interests, inaccuracy in conducting this interview with the Center for Strategic Studies, the negative effects of this file on the relations of the Islamic Republic of Iran with various countries and neighbors were discussed."

Zarif stressed the lofty position of Martyr Soleimani as a national hero in public opinion was one of the points mentioned in this meeting.

Amouei highlighted: "The Minister of Foreign Affairs, in response to the MPs and regarding the process of conducting this interview, emphasized that the government decided to conduct interviews to transfer ministers' experiences to those who will take responsibility in the future." 

A maximum of 60 to 90 minutes of this interview should be made public, and an agreement was reached between the parties to conduct this interview, and a letter was signed stating that the issues raised should not be published without consent, but unfortunately, this process has not been followed, he noted.

The spokesman of the National Security and Foreign Policy Commission of the parliament stated: "The Foreign Minister in this meeting considered the speech of the Supreme Leader as the end of expert discussions and referred to his friendship with Martyr Soleimani and stated that they did not seek to destroy his position, and in no way did they agree with the idea of ​​a dichotomy between the Field and Diplomacy, and they did not pursue it, believing that Field and Diplomacy together could serve the national interest."

In the end, he stated: "In another part of the meeting, some representatives from the Minister of Foreign Affairs were addressed, which was decided on the question of the representative of Qazvin regarding the reason for the delay in setting up the Iranian Consulate General in Aleppo ( a city in Syria) and the one-month deadline was agreed to comment." 

The question of the representative of Delijan city about the non-compliance of the parties in the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) was also raised in this meeting that the foreign minister presented a report on the follow-up process, but the MP was not satisfied with the answers of the foreign minister and referred the question to the open session of the parliament.


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