Tehran (IP) - Iran's First Vice President said that the country has tried to neutralize the impact of the sanctions and has gained a lot of control over its oil sales.

Iran Press/Iran News: "We have tried to neutralize the sanctions," Eshaq Jahanigiri said. "Oil sales have dropped a lot, but now the situation is better, and we are in control of the situation, and we can increase oil exports to 2.5 million barrels after the sanctions are lifted."

Jahangiri, speaking on the Clubhouse virtual network, explaining the administration’s measures in the face of sanctions and their effects, and said: “I believe that in the American economic war, over the last 200 years, this volume of sanctions and the pursuit and insistence on its implementation has been unprecedented.

"All US embassies were tasked with monitoring transactions, insisting on bringing Iranian oil sales to zero, crippling the shipping system, and identifying bottlenecks," He said.

He continued: "They had become so brazen that wherever they identified our tankers, they caused an explosion. They crashed about 200 tankers of us. Sometimes through themselves and sometimes through proxies such as Israel and Saudi Arabia.”


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