2nd contract for purchasing 'Sputnik V' vaccine will come into force on May 31: Envoy

Moscow (IP) - Iran's ambassador to Moscow said that the second contract for purchasing the 'Sputnik V' vaccine from Russia would come into force on May 31, and 60 million doses of the vaccine would be imported from June to December.

Iran PressEurope: The seventh shipment of the Russian vaccine 'Sputnik ‌V' in 100,000 doses will arrive in Tehran today.

"Given that everybody must receive two doses of vaccine, the total doses of vaccines purchased under the second contract would be enough for 30 million people," Kazem Jalali stated.

According to the first contract, Jalali noted that one million vaccines, including two million doses, should be sent to Iran by May 21. With the arrival of the seventh shipment of the 'Sputnik V' vaccine, the total number of vaccines sent to Iran would reach 720,000 doses.

He also announced the finalization of the joint production plan for 'Sputnik V' in Iran.

Referring to the success of two Iranian knowledge-based companies in cell culture for vaccine development, Jalali added that the joint production of vaccines would begin soon.


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