Tehran (IP) – The Iranian president said that when the Vienna talks were at the height of success, those opposed to Iran, the Iranians and interests released the leaked recording of Iran's foreign minister to create discord within the country.

Iran Press/Iran News: Attending the weekly cabinet meeting, Hassan Rouhani stated: "Now is the time for the anger of the Zionist regime, the Arab Reactionary States, and the American extremists to see that the path they envisioned has been disrupted."

He noted that Trump was the only American president who was a mercenary for the Zionists.

He pointed out that in the story of the JCPOA, Trump became a mercenary of the Zionists. The one who incited Trump to leave the agreement was the Zionist regime. Also, in the case of occupied al-Quds, where the capitals are moved, this crime was committed by the Zionists, and Trump was their mercenary.

Rouhani explained that withdrawing from some international organizations under the pretext of Palestine was done at the instigation and command of the Zionists and their mercenary Donald Trump. They did their best to put Iran in trouble.

"Of course, their problem is not Iran, but their oppression and aggression," he underlined.

He said that for Iran, Judaism, Christianity, and other religions had no difference; the Issue was not Jews, but a group that commits crimes.

He stated that the Zionists also assassinated Lt. Gen. Soleimani, noting that it is true that Trump was the one who passed the order and committed assassination; still, the one who incited him to assassinate a great general who gave his whole life for the benefit of the region was the Zionists.

Stressed that the enemies conspired to isolate Iran Rouhani added: "Today they are angry because everything they plotted was destroyed. For 4 years, the Zionists, the Arab Reactionary States, and the extremists conspired, they all lost. Today, the P4+1 and even the Americans realized that they have no choice but to surrender to international law and regulations and the legitimacy of Iran. They must surrender to Iran."


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