Tehran (IP) - Deputy Chief of the Army for Coordination says that Iran’s army benefits from past experiences and is aware of future threats.

Iran PressIran news: Delivering a speech at the unveiling ceremony of the army’s research achievements on Sunday, Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari said that Iran’s army would evaluate the threats and know the future well.

"Iran’s youth in knowledge-based companies have decent abilities and do not need to rely on other countries since they benefit indigenous capabilities", he added.

Sayyari went on to say that the army trained its own human forces and met its needs inside the county, and this fact had been proved in the sanction period.

"The army has protected the Islamic Revolution despite problems and stopped enemies entering the country especially during the Sacred Defence (Iran-Iraq war)," Sayyari highlighted.

"The army of IRI has suitable equipment and benefited them to accomplish its duty well," he added.

"The Leader of the Islamic revolution ordered forming Army’s Research Center which had a fruitful result for fixing and maintenance of equipment, otherwise, the country would face serious problems," Sayyari said.

In this ceremony, seven new systems were unveiled including UAVs, a flight system based on artificial intelligence, a Laser alarm on USV, and Tiyam 1400 (a system to protect UAVs).


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