Tehran (IP): The spokesman of the national security and foreign policy commission of the parliament had said that Iran’s act to enrich uranium to 60% is a step in the framework of strategic actions to lift sanctions.

Iran PressIran News: Abolfazl Amouei, in an exclusive interview with IP on Tuesday, added that the Zionist regime tried to weaken Iran’s position in Vienna talks, but enriching Uranium to 60% proved the indigenous nuclear capabilities of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

He emphasized that Iran needs peaceful nuclear energy,  and the Atomic Energy Organisation is responsible for producing it.

Referring to Vienna talks, the MP added that these negotiations aim at returning the US to its commitment by p4+1 parties since the US is not allowed to take part in these talks due to violating the 2231 resolution.

Amouei went on to say that if the US claims that maximum pressure policy is finished, it should lift all sanctions simultaneously, and Iran verifies them.

Iran’s representatives in Vienna defend Iran’s position fully, and we expect that the US stop its rejected policy, the spokesman of the national security commission of the parliament concluded.


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