Tehran (IP) - The Secretary of Iran Nanotechnology Innovation Council (INIC) said that made-in-Iran nano-product were exported to 49 countries.

Iran Press/Iran news: Reporting a doubled annual growth in made-in-Iran nano-products, Saeed Sarkar said: "currently, 725 nano-products from more than 10 industrial areas based on domestic production technology are going to markets."

Still, Sarkar pointed to the expansion of the export of Iran's nano-products and establishment of export-bases in the Asian countries and said China, India, Indonesia, Syria, Turkey, and Iraq received Iran's nanotechnology equipment and services.

"In the field of nano-science production, Iranian researchers have ranked the Islamic Republic of Iran fourth in the world in nanoscience knowledge by publishing more than 12,000 articles in prestigious journals indexed in ISI, in 2020," he said. 


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