Tehran (IP) - Iranian President's Chief of Staff, in reaction to Russian Foreign Minister about simultaneous action by Iran and US for taking the first step said, lifting sanction is a serious matter for the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Iran Press/Iran News: On the sidelines of today's cabinet session, Mahmoud Vaezi responding to Iran Press question about Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov proposal for Tehran and Washington indicating to take coordinated and simultaneous steps in the JCPOA, stated: " Lifting of sanctions on Iran is aa serious issues and issue has being pursued inside and in many other countries, including in the P 5+1."

"Naturally, each of them allows themselves to say what is right to take a step, but Iran does not necessarily agree with it," he said.

He noted that suggestions were in the framework of paving the way, and in case of finalization, it would certainly be announced to the public later.

"The issue of JCPOA and the sanctions on Iran are serious issues that many different countries, as well as the P5 + 1, are pursuing, but what is being said does not necessarily mean we approved their words," Vaezi stressed.

Regarding the FATF-related bills, the Iranian President's Chief of Staff said: "We are interested in implementing the basic framework for combating money laundering. We do not consider the delay in approving of these two bills in Expediency Discernment Council, which were approved in the parliament, in favor of banking relations."

If we do not have banking relations, we should transfer money through currency exchanges, which will raise the prices, according to Vaezi. 


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