Iran successful in developing COVID vaccine: WHO representative

Tehran (IP) - The representative of the World Health Organization in Iran stressed that Iran has been successful in producing the coronavirus vaccine.

Iran PressIran News: Iran's facilities in the health sector is very advanced and can help other countries, Christoph Hamelmann, the World Health Organization's representative in Iran said on Sunday.

WHO representative added: "Facilities have been distributed in Iran's cities and villages to deal with the coronavirus."

He said that Iran's medical staff have been very successful in fighting the coronavirus.

Despite US sanctions, health experts in Iran have been able to test and register two coronavirus vaccines.

Iran has been trying to produce an Iranian COVID-19 vaccine named 'COV-Iran Barekat,' and the first phase of its clinical trial has been completed.

Also, the human trials phase of another Iranian vaccine named 'Razi COV-Pars' started on Sunday.


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