Tehran (IP) - The spokesman for the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran stressed that the United States should immediately comply with UN Security Council Resolution 2231.

Iran PressIran news: According to Iran Press, 'Ali Rabiei', the spokesman of the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran, said on Tuesday in his weekly presser: "The withdrawal of Resolution 2231 is from the main ominous legacy of former US President Donald Trump."

Rabiei added: "On the one hand, we witnessed the victory of the Iranian people with the end of the era of maximum pressure with the confession of high-ranking American officials that it had been defeated."

The spokesman for the Iranian government stressed that no pressure could make the Iranian nation surrounder.

"Today, more than ever in recent years, we are closer to the goal of pushing back sanctions and thwarting an economic war," Rabiei said, noting that the United States had been isolated in the United Nations more than ever before.

According to the spokesman, if the other members of (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action) JCPOA returned to Resolution 2231, Iran would be ready to return to its obligations.

Through the implementation of UN Security Council Resolution 2231, all arms embargoes on Iran were lifted from October 2020.

The administration of US President Joe Biden has claimed that it intends to return the United States to the agreement, given that its unilateral withdrawal from the UN Security Council has led to its international isolation.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has emphasized that, given that Washington has been a party to the breach of the agreement and the reduction of Tehran's obligations in response to the US illegal action, any steps will be taken by Tehran after the lifting of sanctions.


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