Tehran (IP)- Speaking to his Turkish counterpart, Iran's President stressed the need to strengthen cooperation between Tehran and Ankara in dealing with common threats, as well as resolving the regional problems.

Iran Press/Iran News: In a telephone conversation with Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Hassan Rouhani announced his support for Turkey in the face of US sanctions, emphasizing: "The only way to counter US unilateral and illegal actions is to unite and empathize with countries."

Rouhani announced Iran's readiness to host the 28th meeting of the Joint Commission on Economic Cooperation in the future.

Referring to the former US president's illegal actions, Rouhani said: "As we have earlier said, lifting of sanctions by the United States is a legitimate and reasonable demand of Iran, then the Islamic Republic will return to its obligations. Iran's strategy will be an action for action."

The President also stressed the need to continue the talks between Iran, Turkey, and Russia (Astana guarantors) to try to resolve the Syrian problem, including providing a basis for the return of Syrian refugees to their country and drafting a constitution.

Welcoming the regional cooperation initiative with the participation of Iran, Russia, Turkey, Azerbaijan, and Armenia, the President said: "This plan can have significant benefits for all parties, and Iran is ready to cooperate in specialized fields with countries in the region.".

 The Turkish President also stressed the importance of developing bilateral relations, holding a joint Joint Commission of the two countries, expanding trade relations, especially using preferential trade and cooperation capacities, and effective talks to strengthen peace and security in the region.

 Recep Tayyip Erdogan also emphasized diplomatic and dialogue solutions, using the positive and appropriate international environment to resolve problems and lift unfair US sanctions.


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