Regular shipping line connects Bandar Abbas to Syria

Iran (IP) - The CEO of the Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Line Organization announced a regular shipping line from Bandar Abbas to the Syrian port, Latakia.

Iran PressIran News:  Abdullah Hassoumi said: "To support the country's exports and according to the plans made, a special shipping line for export cargo will start operating on March 10 between Bandar Abbas and Latakia.

He added: "Export cargo will be shipped by bulk carriers of the bulk carrier company, regularly and once a month from Iran to Syria and vice versa by multi-purpose ships."

The CEO also stated that the first shipment would be dispatch to Latakia port on March 10, saying: "Traders and owners of goods can proceed with the ordering process in coordination with the public freight transport of this company."

Hosoumi went on to say: "If business owners support the shipping line, it will be possible to transport cargo up to twice a month," he added.

He noted that the shipping line's purpose is to increase the national fleet share in the market for export and import cargo in the face of sanctions.


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