Tehran (IP) - The spokesman for the National Task Force for Fighting Coronavirus in Iran said that the western borders should be strictly controlled to prevent the spread of the UK variant of COVID-19.

Iran Press/Iran News:  During a news conference on Saturday, Alireza Raisi stressed that the country was suffering from the UK variant of COVID-19, adding that there was a rapid spread of the virus in Iraq; therefore, the western provinces bordering Iraq should be more vigilant and follow health protocols properly.

The spokesman for the National Task Force for Fighting Coronavirus stated that Khuzestan province has the highest prevalence of COVID-19 among the provinces of the country and the UK variant has spread in Khuzestan province which is an alarm for the country.

Raisi added: "There are 11 cities with red status in the country and all of them are in Khuzestan province. Also, 52 cities have orange status, 217 cities have yellow status and 108 cities have blue status."

He noted that the rate of spread of the Coronavirus in Khuzestan province is very high and care must be taken to ensure that health protocols are being strictly observed in this province.

Alireza Raisi also stated that the observance of health protocols in the country has decreased by more than 14% which will lead to an increase in coronavirus.

The health official stressed that vaccination alone is not enough to control COVID-19 and that health protocols must be strictly observed.


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