The UN Secretary-General stressed that the priority for 2021 should be public access to the coronavirus vaccine and the implementation of the vaccination plan in all countries of the world.

Iran Press/America: Speaking at the Munich Security Conference on Friday, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres once again criticized the unfair distribution of the coronavirus vaccine in the world, saying that 75% of the vaccines produced are distributed in 10 countries and over 100 countries have not received any vaccine.

Guttierez also said the Covid-19 virus must be tackled through universal vaccination and equal access to the vaccine.

The UN Secretary-General also called on developed countries to share additional doses of their vaccine with other countries and to at least double vaccine production.

The Munich Security Conference began on Friday with a speech by Wolfgang Ischinger.

The motto of the Munich Security Conference in 2021 is the renewal of transatlantic cooperation and addressing global challenges.