Tehran (IP) - The spokesman of the Iranian Parliament’s Budget Integration Commission said that with the government’s insistence, the commission agreed to allocate the price of 4,200 Tomans for foreign exchange to provide basic goods.

Iran PressIran News: In the Budget Integration Commission press conference held on Wednesday, Rahim Zare said that a committee was formed in the presence of the head of the Planning and Budget Organization, the head of the Central Bank, as well as the ministers of economy, industry, mining and trade, and agriculture to monitor the delivery of these goods to the people in a timely manner and at the same rate.

Reviewing the amendment of the government’s budget bill to increase oil sales by more than 1.5 million barrels, Zare highlighted that the oil-sales surplus was used to develop educational and academic sectors, public transportation, production, health, environment, and exhausted infrastructure.

He noted: “In the field of health, 8 billion Tomans were given to the government so that we will not see inflation in the distribution of goods in this field, next year.”

Regarding gas supply to villages and mountainous areas, Zare said that the ceiling for gas supply to these areas was approved at 2,000 billion Tomans.

On Tuesday, Iran’s Parliament approved the amendments to the generalities of the budget bill of 1400 Persian year (starting on March 21) in the open session with 211 votes in favor.

In an open session on February 2, the parliament members had opposed the generalities of the budget bill for the year 1400.


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