Iran, Iraq agree to create center for endogenous security in region

Tehran (IP) - The secretary of Iran's High Council for Human rights says Iran and Iraq agree to create a kernel for endogenous security in the region.

Iran PressIran News: Ali Bagheri Kani said during the trip of Judiciary Chief to Iraq, the case of the US assassination of Lt. Gen. Qasem Soleimani and Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis was pursued.

From the beginning, there were interactions between Iran and Iraq to exchange information and documents about the crime, Bagheri said and added that orders were issued in Iran and Iraq to arrest Trump and 46 other defendants.

Bagheri referred to the activation of committees investigating the dimensions of the crime between the two sides, in which the deputy prosecutors of Iran and Iraq are responsible.

He also pointed to creating the infrastructure for a common understanding of the concept of insecurity and noted that if Iran and Iraq cooperated to provide endogenous security, the aliens could no longer exploit the situation for their interest. 

“The agreement between the two governments will strengthen the resistance in the region, and in the next steps we want the countries of the region to join this agreement so that there is no more room for Americans and foreigners in the region,” he said.


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