Islamic Republic of Iran, role model for solidarity of divine religions

Urmia (IP) - The Archbishop of the Eastern Assyrian Church of Iran says the Islamic Republic is the actual role model of solidarity among the followers of the divine religions.

Iran Press/Iran News: Mar Narsai Benjamin said on Thursday that Imam Khomeini's thoughts in the doctrine of the Islamic Revolution led to solidarity and empathy among the followers of the divine religions. 

Bishop Benjamin pointed out: "In the Islamic Republic, religious rites, the security of temples and holy places, the sanctity of religious figures, and economic activities are guaranteed to citizens including religious minorities".

He made the remarks in the ceremony of honoring and celebrating the families of the Christian martyrs of Urmia, which was held on the occasion of the Fajr 10-Day. 

The Iranian archbishop stated that today in the city of Urmia, which is known as the city of tribes and religions, there are 80 churches that have been renovated and rebuilt, adding that a Dispute Settlement Council and a Crime Prevention Council have been established for the Christians of Urmia.

"The rights that exist for religious minorities do not change with the replacement of governments because these rights are derived from the constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran," he stated.


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