Tehran(IP) - The Minister of Communications and Information Technology said that Iran has expanded its cooperation with other countries in the space industry despite sanctions.

Iran Press/Iran news: In a ceremony held at the Communication Museum on the occasion of National Aerospace Day (February 2) Mohammad Javad Azari Jahromi said that Iran's interactions with other countries have increased and soon a group of world scientists in the field of aerospace will enter Iran and we will see its impact on the country's growth.

Azari Jahromi added that one of the main approaches of the government was to support space technology, which although there were international restrictions, Iran was able to develop space applications in the country.

"In the field of technology development, we have tried to outsource the work to the public and private sectors and try to provide the infrastructure ourselves," he added.

"Despite all the difficulties, we now have an Iranian operator and a satellite was prepared and put into orbit and we removed one of the obstacles," the minister noted.

"In the field of development of industrial applications, we aim to create business opportunities for students and experts, in which the government was one of the customers and invested in this field," Azari Jahromi stated.

"Today, the services of the space industry is used in the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Energy, especially in forecasting weather and crises," he noted.

Jahromi went on to say that today, more than one hundred space businesses have been formed and a Space Science and Technology Park in Mazandaran province will be inaugurated soon, which will be an effective measure in agriculture and business.