Tehran (IP)- Iran's President, stating that he hopes to be able to start vaccination in two weeks, and said: "As soon as the medical staff and high-risk people use the vaccine, the situation will change completely."

Iran PressIran News: Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said on Tuesday at the inauguration ceremony of the projects of the two ministries of education and cultural heritage: "We hope to be able to start vaccination in two weeks. As soon as the medical staff and high-risk people use the vaccine, the situation changes completely, and then people will use it."

Rouhani said: "Millions of doses of foreign vaccines will be imported and we hope that domestic vaccines will enter the market in the summer and people will be able to use them, so the situation will definitely be different next year, but the cooperation of the people is the principle."

Iran's President stated that a total of more than 2,200 tourism projects have been inaugurated in the Twelfth Government, stating: 22,000 billion tomans of projects have been inaugurated in this government. Today we also saw that 135 projects were inaugurated.

Rouhani added: "Currently, 670 hotels are under construction, some of which will be completed in this government, and the number of projects will increase tremendously."

Iran's president added: "My prediction is that in the coming months there will be better conditions for our educational space as well as for tourism spaces."

Hassan Rouhani referred to the reports presented at the meeting regarding the changes made in the government budget bill in the Integration Commission of the Parliament and the negative impacts of these changes on the country's economy, noted: "The government has repeatedly stressed the need to maintain the main pillars of the budget bill, and issues such as fighting special privileges, reducing inflation, strengthening the national currency and supporting people's livelihood and providing basic goods have been the government's main focus.

The President said that the next Iranian year budget bill has been prepared to manage the country's economy in the conditions of economic war and to manage the development path, adding: "According to the government, changes in the structure and main points of the next year's budget bill can seriously damage people's livelihoods and development path."

Following the meeting, the Central Bank's report on the foreign exchange and commodity markets was presented and the necessary decisions were taken to strengthen the movement towards reducing inflation expectations.

The President said: "The process of providing foreign exchange for basic goods and medicine by the government continues continuously and this process is being followed seriously so that people do not have to worry about the supply of medicine and basic goods. From now on, the necessary planning must be done for the last days of the year and New Year's holidays so that people can be sure of the supply of basic goods during these days."


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