Tehran (IP) - Iranian FM stated his country believes that US official must be persecuted at the international level committing crimes against Iranians, the first step would be to impose sanctions on them.

Iran Press/Iran News: Mohammad Javad Zarif on Wednesday, on the sidelines of the cabinet meeting, in response to a question from Iran Press News Agency about the remarks of the US Secretary of State about the need for a stronger agreement with Iran in the framework of regional and missile issues, said: It has not been the subject of JCPOA from the very beginning.

"One thing the new US and European administrations need to know is that the problem with weapons in our region is not the limited to the amount of Iranian indigenous weapons, but to their arms sales to the region, which has turned the region a powder depot," he said.

Zarif went on to stress that the United States and European countries should stop selling 25 percent and inhumane arm sales to the region adding “The American people sent the Donald Trump administration to the dustbin of history."

"This administration did not even show mercy to Congress, which they claim is the so-called- epicenter of democracy."

"If Iran fulfills its obligations under the JCPOA nuclear deal, the United States will live up to its commitments under that agreement," the top diplomat stated.101

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